Egan/Castillo have been creating and executing successful brand platforms for over 20 years. Our working style is fluid, our approach is adaptive, which allows us to deliver modular content solutions for an amazingly varied group of Fortune 500 companies. From healthcare to retail to casual dining,we've helped solve brand problems -- and more importantly -- shift perceptions and drive profits. We know how to manage teams of like-minded creative thinkers to get the job done. But most importantly, we like to have fun. Because if you don't love what you do, why bother?



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"I have personally worked very closely with Ron and Jan over the last five plus years on countless pitches. They know how to play well in New Business and have the track record to prove it. Jan and Ron were our lead team on pitches for TJ Maxx, Red Lobster and Marriott, among others. Beyond their New Biz success, they’ve also successfully led numerous accounts, from retail to financial services, from CPG to healthcare."
Michael Houston, Global President of Grey Advertising


"Grey has had a phenomenal last few years because Jan and Ron – the original Maxxinistas – have had a phenomenal new biz winning streak."
- Tor Myhren, VP Marketing Communication Apple Computers, former CCO/President Grey Advertising

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"Jan and Ron are the best in the business – they are masters at delivering smart, simple, bold ideas to build brands across channels. They can strategize, ideate, execute, manage, coach, challenge, inspire and get great stuff done well.”
Yin Woon Rani, VP of Integrated Marketing, Campbell’s Soup